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Wild plants, wild women!

8 Ways to Inspire the Wild Woman Within You
by Corinna Wood 

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 Wise women have long used folk medicine: tried-and-true home remedies have sustained and healed for generations. They looked no further than the plants that grew on their doorsteps and in the neighboring woods and fields for the ingredients used in their salads, soups, infusions, tinctures, and teas.

Many local wild plants, including some that are considered weeds, have long histories of edible and medicinal usage. They are abundant, free and extremely potent. Because they are fresh, growing and thriving in the same climates and geographies that we do, local plants are even better able to support our own thriving within the ecosystems where we live. 

In the Wise Woman Tradition, the lines between food and medicine blur. When we work with plants that grow where we live, we have the opportunity to develop a relationship with those plants and the Earth, and to receive the healing benefits of going outside, connecting with a particular plant being, watching her through the seasons, and inviting her energetic medicine—as well as her physical medicine—into our bodies and lives.

"When I was younger I thought a wild woman was the one who let loose at parties, was adventuresome and broke all the rules. Today I see the wild woman in a different light.

"A wild woman is strong and centered in herself. She is connected to her intuition, the truth of who she is. She does not fit into boxes created for her by others. A wild woman is fully alive, connected to nature and the true wildness of the earth. 

"The Wise Woman Tradition is her birthright and a pathway to let the wildness within emerge.  

"Come cultivate your wild woman with me…."

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Corinna Wood is a renowned teacher and mentor in the Wise Woman Tradition–from herbs to self love. 
Founder of Southeast Wise Women and Red Moon Herbs, she has been carrying on the Wise Woman Tradition for almost 30 years. 

Explore Corinna's current offerings at www.corinnawood.com


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