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Corinna Wood

cw 2015.5.22  field loresA wise woman, herbalist, teacher, visionary and mother, Corinna Wood is founder of Southeast Wise Women, the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference, and Red Moon Herbs.

Corinna has been spreading the Wise Woman Tradition through sharing the wisdom and magic of local plants and women's health for decades. First enticed by a patch of nettles at the age of twenty, Corinna turned away from the more common focus on rare, exotic, or endangered plants. 

Instead, she began to study the powerful benefits available from the wild plants, which are so abundant and available locally. In the process she discovered the Wise Woman Tradition — earth-based healing, local plants, deep nourishment.

Corinna Wood & Susun Weed ceremonial bowlCorinna's life work is to empower women to trust the wisdom and the cycles of the plants, the earth, and their own bodies. An apprentice to world-renowned herbalist Susun Weed in 1993, Corinna has developed a deep understanding of the web of life that combines the sciences with embodied experience into a truly wholistic, approach to living. This is what she lives by. This is what she teaches.

Corinna Wood nettles Corinna Wood has taught hundreds of women's educational programs in herbal medicine, women's health and natural healing. In 1994, Corinna Wood and Jessica Godino founded Red Moon Herbs, an herbal company that focuses on making medicines from fresh, local plants the wise woman way. In 2005, Corinna founded the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference, an annual fall event renowned for its education, inspiration, and sisterhood.
Corinna nettle chickweed

Corinna Wood lives with her son at Earthaven Ecovillage in Black Mountain, NC. Corinna was one of the early community members collaborating to bring this vision of sustainable living into manifestation, since 1996. Corinna directed Red Moon Herbs at Earthaven for twenty years, and she continues to oversee the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference. She also teaches a week-long Wise Woman Immersion program that empowers women to reconnect with their own wise woman, through local plants, deep nourishment, and self love.


“Corinna, thank you for sharing your extraordinary gifts, knowledge, and energy. Your passion is contagious!”
Janet Sanders, Cape Coral, FL

“Corinna, you rock! Thank you so much for sharing your passion. Absorbing your energy and spirit has been such a blessing. I am forever grateful.”
Adrianna Ross, Charlottesville, VA

“I really appreciate this opportunity to learn and grow. It is truly a blessing to the world that you give with your teachings and your presence. You are an inspiration to me!!”
Ellen Kittredge, Asheville, NC

“Corinna, your life's work is changing the world!”
Jennifer Martineau, Savannah, GA

"Corinna is thoughtful, considerate, masterful! Always supporting love for self and each other!"
Karise Segal, Asheville, NC

"Corinna is my favorite herb teacher!"
Kate Reynolds, Asheville, NC

“Corinna-- you are such a gift! Thank you for sharing your life, your wisdom and your passion for the Wise Woman tradition. We are all so much better for it. Corinna is a beautiful soul, a leader, a healer, and so inspiring . . . oh, and so patient! Thank you!”
Collin Chambers, Ellijay, GA

“Corinna’s style of teaching is so warm. I found the information really connected with me and I really learned so much. Thank you! I’ve grown so much in confidence, energy and through my walk with spirit.”
Joy Kennedy, Black Mountain, NC

"Corinna's classes far exceeded my expectations! I feel I have made an important step in embracing my power and wisdom as a woman, healer, sister. Corinna was inspirational! Thank you so much for sharing stories from your own personal journey of healing. Thank you for sharing your light, and for your commitment to empowering the women of our world.
Kai Morrison, Vancouver, WA

"Corinna is a strong, beautiful, thoughtful Wise Woman! Much gratitude to Corinna for sharing your truth and the Wise Woman Tradition."
Iris Bradley, Mobile, AL

"Corinna is a caring and kind Wise Woman—she is the epitomy of love for her work, students, teaching.”
Wallean Batton, Rushsylvania OH

"Corinna is knowledgeable, compassionate, authentic, committed, open, a great listener, patient, personable, kind, sharing, and wise. As Niko Kazantazakis said, 'True teachers use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross then after facilitating their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.' That's Corinna! Thank you for being part of my personal healing journey, for being in my path of manifesting my dreams, and for passing on your wisdom. I hope I can inspire & teach others as you have! It's the ripple effect! Together, we will heal the planet, one person & plant at a time!"
Heidi Berkovitz, Asheville, NC

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