Conference ~ In the News

Women’s Herbal Conference Includes Healing Historical Trauma
The Urban News, 2018

Wise Women Gather at Kanuga Lake
The Laurel of Asheville, 2018

Sacred Space for Women of Color at the October Herbal Conference
The Urban News, 2017

Overcoming Overwhelm: Interview with Dr. Aviva Romm on Becoming Health Rebels
Thrive Global, 2017

Honoring the Women Who Came Before Us: The Shoulders on Which We Stand
WNC Woman, 2017

The Women's Health Revolution
Sophie Magazine, 2017

Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference at Lake Eden in Black Mountain Oct. 13-15
Mountain Xpress, 2017

Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference Spotlights Women's Natural Health
The Laurel of Asheville, 2017

Weekend of Earth-Based Healing, Women's Wisdoms and Herbal Medicine
The Urban News

The Southeast Wise Women's Herbal Conference Registration Opens
The Laurel of Asheville, 2017

Southeast Women's Herbal Conference will draw over 1000
Mountain Xpress, 2016

Weekend of Women's Wisdom
Mountain Xpress, 2016

A Celebration of Diversity and Earth-based Healing
Plough to Pantry, 2016

Herbal Conference Returns to Black Mountain in October
Laurel of Asheville, 2016

SE Wise Women Herbal Conference offers recipe for well-being
Mountain Xpress, 2015

wise woman notebook stress 2014 narrow - low res

The Magic of Women Making Medicine
AuntieBellum, 2015

Lessons from the Wise Women
From Scratch Magazine, 2015

A Trip to the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference!
The Mountain Rose Blog, 2014

Herbal Conference Celebrates Woman-centered Wisdom
Mountain Xpress, 2014

Women Empowering Women
WNC Woman, 2014

10th Annual Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference
Scratch Magazine, 2014

Wise Woman Notebook, part 1: Seven Magical Herbs
Mountain Xpress, 2014

Wise Woman Notebook, part 2: Unwinding Stress
Mountain Xpress, 2014

Southeast Wise Women Conference Kicks Off This Weekend
Mountain Xpress, 2013

Wise Maidens, The Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference
Mountain Xpress, 2013

Where the Wise Woman Are: Southeast Women's Herbal Conference
WNC Woman, 2012, by Kate O'Connor

Views and Reflections from this Fall's Southeastern Women's Conference
Mountain Xpress, 2011, by Patty Levesque

Wise Woman Ways

Overcoming Overwhelm: The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution: Interview with Dr Aviva Romm Part 1

Wise Woman Herbal Allies 

Calendula: Golden Drops of Sunshine by Jessica Godino

Chickweed: My Favorite Salad Green by Corinna Wood

Comfrey: Learning to Love Her by Corinna Wood

Evergreen: Summer Medicine by Corinna Wood

Hawthorn: Little Rose for the Heart by Jessica Godino

Marvelous Mints by Corinna Wood & Lee Warren

Motherwort: Making Tincture by Corinna Wood

Mugwort: Magical Herb of the Moon Goddess by Corinna Wood

Nettle: My Favorite Herb for Women by Corinna Wood

Plantain: First Aid in Your Backyard by Corinna Wood

Poison Ivy by Corinna Wood

Poke: Old Medicinal Uses by Corinna Wood

St. Johnswort: Making St. J's Preparations by Corinna Wood and Lee Warren

Usnea: Immune Enhancing Lichen by Jessica Godino

Violet: Beautiful Blood Cleanser by Jessica Godino

Vitex: For Every Cycle of a Woman's Life by Jessica Godino

Yarrow in the Garden by Corinna Wood

On the Wise Woman Tradition 

Wise Woman Allies: Four Favorite Herbs for Women of All Ages and Stages by Corinna Wood

The Wise Woman Tradition of Herbal Medicine by Corinna Wood

Nourishing Body & Soul: Wise Women Ways for Moontime & Menopause by Corinna Wood

Stimulating Immunity by Jessica Godino

Healing Wise: Nutrition by Susun Weed

Grandmother Speaks about HPV by Susun Weed

Be Your Own Herbal Expert (8 sections) by Susun Weed

Making Wild Herb Vinegars by Corinna Wood

Women's Health

Overcoming Overwhelm: The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution: Interview with Dr Aviva Romm Part 1

Health Impacts of Trauma & Oppression: Interview with Dr Aviva Romm Part 2

Reclaiming Our Bodies by Corinna Wood and Lee Warren 

The Fertility Awareness Method: Myths & Facts by Corinna Wood


Corinna Wood, Southeast Wise Woman Director

nlj cover 2009 low resWalking with Wise Women 
Natural Awakenings

Life's Leaders: Corinna Wood
New Life Journal

The Dirt: The Medicine Woman's Garden
Mountain Xpress

Opening to the Wisdom of plants (mp3, 62KB)
Susun Weed interviews Corinna on Wise Woman Radio 

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