2016 Full Set

$180.00 each

Incorporate the Wise Woman Ways into your daily life! This full set includes all the recorded classes from the 2016 Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference--dozens of classes covering a range of topics related to women's health, earth based healing, and herbal medicine. 

You will receive a flash drive (USB memory stick) shipped to you in the mail, with all the classes in mp3 format, so you can save them to your favorite device to revisit for years to come. Once your order is completed you can expect FREE DELIVERY of the flash drive to your specified shipping address in 3 weeks or less.

The full set of 2016 recorded classes includes the following:

  1.  Abby Artemisia ~ Percolation: Two-Day Tincture
  2.  Amikaeyla Gaston~ Healer Heal Thyself Intensive
  3.  Amy Jo Goddard ~ Sexual Self Acceptance
  4.  Amy Jo Goddard ~ Turning On & Turning Up Your Fire Intensive
  5.  Byron Ballard ~ Scotts-Irish Appalachian Medicine
  6.  Ceara Foley ~ Healing from the Hive
  7.  Ceara Foley ~ Make Your Own Medicines
  8.  Corinna Wood  ~ Wise Woman Tradition
  9.  Crystal Honeycutt ~ Survival Mode
  10.  Daisy Marquis ~ Hands on Energy Healing
  11.  Daisy Marquis ~ Herbs for Self Realization
  12.  EagleSong Gardener ~ Hawthorn Recipes & Remedies
  13.  Emily Ruff ~Antibiotic Resistant Infections
  14.  Emily Ruff ~ Flower Essences for Mamas
  15.  Jessica Godino ~ Finding Your Flow
  16. Kathleen Maier  ~ Mandala of Endocrine Functions Intensive
  17.  Kathleen Maier ~ Energetics of Menopause
  18.  Kifu Faruq ~ Revolutionary Tea
  19.  Lena Eastes ~ Honoring the Threshold
  20.  Leslie Meyers ~ Let’s Make a Baby!
  21.  Leslie Meyers ~  The Healthiest Lesbian
  22.  Lucretia VanDyke ~ Nourishing the Sacred Self
  23.  Lucretia VanDyke ~  Raw, Herbal & Organic Skincare
  24.  Melisa Austin  ~ Herbs for Autoimmune Disorders
  25.  Melisa Austin ~ Vibrational Healing with Plants
  26.  Melissa Fryar ~ Eat Your Herbs
  27.  Melissa Fryar ~ Herbs & Addictions
  28.  Mimi Hernandez ~  Inflammation Management
  29.  Mimi Hernandez ~  Understanding Herbal Glycosides
  30.  Pam Montgomery ~ Plant Communication
  31.  Pam Montgomery  ~  Plant Spirit Healing Intensive
  32.  Pam Montgomery ~ Three Plants for Heart, Soul & Spirit
  33.  Patricia Howell ~ Mugwort & Motherwort
  34.  Patricia Howell ~ Symptoms to Formula
  35.  Rebecca Word  ~ The Human Microbiome
  36.  Rebecca Word  ~ What the Food is Going On?
  37.  Ruth Elliot ~ The Secrets of Your Pelvis
  38.  Sarah Thomas  ~ Crystal & Stone Maps & Magic Intensive
  39.  Sarah Thomas ~ Stones for Power
  40.  Sarah Thomas ~ Stones for Power (2nd session)
  41.  Whapio ~ Brain Waves & the Pineal Gland
  42.  Whapio ~ Infinite Orgasm

Accessing Your Files

Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email with a link to your audio classes. You can also access them through "My Downloads," on the left toolbar of the audio classes shop (as well as in your account info).  Full Sets of Audio Classes, please allow 1-2 weeks for mail delivery of your flash drive.

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