2012 Full Set

$180.00 each

Incorporate the Wise Woman Ways into your daily life! This full set includes all the recorded classes from the 2012 Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference--dozens of classes covering a range of topics related to women's health, earth based healing, and herbal medicine. 

You will receive a flash drive (USB memory stick) shipped to you in the mail, with all the classes in mp3 format, so you can save them to your favorite device to revisit for years to come. Once your order is completed you can expect FREE DELIVERY of the flash drive to your specified shipping address in 3 weeks or less.

The full set of 2012 recorded classes includes the following:

  • Anyaa McAndrew ~ Sacred Purpose in Relationship
  • Anyaa McAndrew ~ Tantra: Reclaiming the Soul of Feminine Sexuality
  • Aviva Romm ~ Challenging Conditions in Women’s Health
  • Aviva Romm ~ Pediatric Botanical Medicine: Taking Care of the Next Generations
  • Bevin Clare ~ Five Powerful Herbal Allies
  • Bevin Clare ~ Herbs & the Immune System
  • Bloom Post ~ Medicina Healing & Activation Circle
  • Bloom Post ~ Plant Spirit Medicine
  • Byron Ballard ~ Granny Healers
  • Byron Ballard ~ Long Black Veil
  • Ceara Foley ~ Medicine Making with Abundant Plants
  • Charli Vogt ~ Aphrodisiac Cooking
  • Charli Vogt ~ Fermentation
  • Corinna Wood ~ Wise Woman Tradition
  • Dawn Gates ~ Herbal Infused Oils
  • Demetria Clark ~ The 10 Moons: Herbal Care for Pregnancy & Birth
  • Emily Ruff ~ Men’s Health
  • Emily Ruff ~ Sacred Smudge
  • Holly Bellebuon ~ First Aid: Five Essential Herbs
  • Holly Bellebuon ~ Vinegar of the Four Thieves
  • Jessica Godino ~ Natural Highs: Changing Consciousness with Plants
  • Juliet Blankespoor ~ Phyto-Estrogens
  • Justina Prenatt ~ Unconditional Self-Love
  • Kathleen Maier ~ Energetics of Menopause
  • Katie Haley ~ Using Essential Oils
  • Laurel Mamet ~ Empowered from Within
  • Laurel Mamet ~ Honing Intuition
  • Lupo Passero ~ Basic Breast Health
  • Lupo Passero ~ Poultices & Syrups
  • Monica Corrado ~ Digested & Delicious: Soaking Beans & Grains
  • Monica Corrado ~ Healing Chronic Illness Through Digestion
  • Monica Corrado ~ Super Tonics
  • Olatokunboh Obasi ~ Ayurvedic Herbs
  • Patricia Kyritsi Howell ~ Medicinal Resins: Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin
  • Patricia Kyritsi Howell ~The Metal Element
  • Ramona Moore Big Eagle ~ Finding Your Story
  • Rebecca Chaplin ~ Stages of Sexiness: Through the Ages
  • Rebecca Chaplin ~ The Spiral Tree of Our Sexuality
  • Sarah Thomas ~ Stone & Plant Alchemy
  • Susan DeLaney ~ Essential Fatty Acids
  • Susan DeLaney ~ Homeopathy: Ten Home Remedies

Accessing Your Files

Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email with a link to your audio classes. You can also access them through "My Downloads," on the left toolbar of the audio classes shop (as well as in your account info).  Full Sets of Audio Classes, please allow 1-2 weeks for mail delivery of your flash drive.

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