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12 September 2013

Building Awareness

Written by Flora, Posted in Sisterhood

closing-ceremony 11We are thrilled to announce three teachers:

Nicole Deggins, Sheila Simms Watson, and Angelique “Sobande” Moss-Greer. All three are strong women of color who are opening the hearts and minds of women around the world and building diverse communities.


Nicole Deggins CNM, MSN, NPH is a midwife who has practiced in every setting in many states and found that often maternity care is flawed. She has seen women in the process of pregnancy and childbirth often misguided, mistreated, and ill-informed. With a BS in Nursing from Georgetown U, Masters studies in Nursing, Midwifery, and Public Health, she brings us:

  • Birth Traditions & Philosophies Beliefs about birth are shaped by culture and today many have the notion that birth is dangerous. Yet our indigenous past tells us about strong warrior women who bring forth light. We will revisit, celebrate, and incorporate these traditions into our modern philosophies.
  • The Good-Patient Syndrome In many areas of health care, women are viewed as “crazy” if they ask questions or want second opinions. To find our voices we must become educated and build confidence. Whether its heart disease, cancer, or pregnancy, this class will help us get empowered.

Sheila Simms Watson CPM, LM, empowers mothers, families and communities through the practice of "undisturbed birth". Sheila believes that pregnancy and birth are fundamentally healthy processes that are normal, natural parts of a woman's life. As the founder and director of Spirit of Life Midwifery providing alternative, traditional, and out of hospital maternity services, Shelia is sharing:

  • Undisturbed Birth—Traditional Midwifery The midwife’s job is to guard, guide, and facilitate the unfolding of a normal, natural process. Traditional midwives interfere as little as possible, allow the process to unfold, and TRUST that women know how to birth and babies know how to be born.
  • Pregnancy & Birth Herbs Herbal storytelling at its best. Hear about the practical and clinical results of herbs used during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. Learn about their very specific effects on women’s daily lives during the childbearing year from decades of hands-on experience.

Angelique Moss-Greer is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Generational Herbalist, Consultant & Educator and the founder and owner of Natural Choices Botanica, the only African American hand-blended gourmet tea company in the south producing a wonderful line of teas “Legacy Tea Blends”, which are the recipes of Angelique’s great grand mother. This year she brings to the conference:

  • Herbs, Slavery, & the South In an attempt to regulate the practice of medicine by slaves and free blacks, several state governments enacted a series of laws. Glimpse into the medical practices of African slaves who played an active role in healing and the herbal medicine arts.
  • Underground Railroad & The Soul Food Diet Discussion on the relationship of food, herbs, and healing strategies used by African Americans from slavery till the present. We’ll look at foods eaten by our ancestors and make comparisons to modern foods and their long-term effects on health.

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