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15 October 2020

Dark of the moon

Written by Corinna Wood, Posted in Self Love, Sisterhood, Women's Wellness

Tonight the moon will be dark, halfway between the two full moons of October–on October 1 and on Halloween!  And we are also moving into the dark time of the year. As the nights are lengthening, the upcoming dark moon starry sky 123rfHalloween holiday will mark the halfway point between autumn equinox and winter solstice. Each year I look forward to this change of the seasons and the call to focus inward. Do you feel the pull too?

In the Wise Woman Tradition we embrace the spiral of both dark and light. The dark moon and the dark season of the year invite us to go inward, to rest, and to reflect.  I savor the long dark nights of winter, gazing at starry skies, and cozying up under blankets.

So often, today's cultural bias toward the light precludes honoring the darkness. We even subconsciously may try to skip over the dark moon by calling it the "new moon."

At the dark moon we are invited to pause and set aside the voices asking us to give more, produce more or create more. The darkness allows us to dream, to receive messages and to incubate ideas. 

And then, we can welcome the new moon. I wait the three nights around the dark moon when she is not visible. After that, I will often look for her new crescent sliver in the sky around sunset. 

The new moon is a time for new beginnings, so I like to write out positive, heartfelt intentions at this time–I invite you to join me in doing so this weekend. 

And in the meantime, enjoy the darkness!~

About the Author

Corinna Wood

Corinna Wood

SEWWnewsletterSidebarAdCorinna Wood is founder and director of Southeast Wise Women and co-founder of Red Moon Herbs. With extensive training and experience in herbal medicine and spiritual psychology for women, Corinna has been practicing, teaching, and carrying on the Wise Woman Tradition for over 25 years.

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