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13 June 2013

Conference Intensives

Written by Flora

We are very excited to once again offer Intensives at the Herbal Conference in October. Intensives offer a special opportunity to learn more about a specific subject, with more time (3 to 31/2 hours as opposed to the 1 1/2 hour length of regular classes) and limited attendance.

laurel webAs a returning conference favorite, Laurel Mamet will be joining us, offering Believing in You: Tools for Trusting Yourself. A long-time energy healer, Laurel helps us discover dynamic, uplifting, and practical tools for moving beyond psychological healing into an ever-evolving life story. The class covers honing intuition, empowering from within, and expanding into the universe of greatness.

rachel webIt is with much delight that we introduce conference participants to Rachel Bagby, author of Divine Daughters: Liberating the Power and Passion of Women's Voices. She was a member of Bobby McFerrin's acapella vocal group and her music is featured in acclaimed documentaries. In this workshop, Voice Blessings: Liberate and Reclaime Your Voice, Rachel will lead us through the process of befriending our voices, allowing voice to free our hearts and move through the thresholds of expression. It is a time to debunk the "voice snatching" myths of our pasts, and bask in voice-confidence and collaborative wisdom.

sally intensiveSally Fallon Morell takes us on a journey of Nourishing Traditional Diets. Sally is the author of our favorite cookbook, Nourishing Traditions, that challenges politically correct nutrition and the diet doctorates. The president of the West A. Price Foundation, Sally fights for real food. This intensive will help us discover the step-by-step plan to put nourishing foods into our diets while learning about the myths and dangers of our contemporary eating.

pam intensiveHelping women access the spirit of the green world is Pam Montgomery. She has been investigating plants and their intelligent spiritual nature for more than three decades. As an author, teacher, and practitioner of plant spirit healing, she passionately embraces her role as a spokesperson for the plants who guide us in our spiritual evolution. In Plant Spirit Healing, she will help us align with and resonate with plants who can help us address questions such as "who am I" and "what am I doing here."

sarah jess Jessica Godino and Sarah Thomas present Plant & Stone Alchemy: The Original Earth Medicine. Jessica and Sarah will introduce us to the nearly forgotten science of stones that was taken out of the Chinese Materia Medica because of its potential to transform consciousness. We'll explore the essence of plant and stone kingdoms and how an alchemy of the two can transform an understanding of herbs and healing.

susun intensiveWe are honored to be joined this year by Susun Weed, one of the voices for the Wise Woman Tradition.  In The Spirit & Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition Susun will help us understand the differences between different traditions of herbal medicine.We will look at Serenity Medicine, Story Medicine, Mind Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine and many others, identifying the risks and benefits of each. This class moves fast so get ready for a thrilling ride!

You must be registered for the Conference to register for intensives. The cost per intensive is $35 each before August 16th, and $45 after.

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SEWWnewsletterSidebarAdFlora is the dancing woman who embodies the beautiful and diverse spirit of the entire plant queendom. She speaks for Southeast Wise Women, inspiring women to deepen a connection to themselves, the Earth, and each other.

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