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24 August 2013

Plant Communication

Written by Flora, Posted in Corinna's Corner, Herbal Medicine, Local Plants

blog plant communication"Open to the world of plants and see what it has to say. After all, your heart chakra is green!" This statement, uttered during a plant communication class, resonated with an unstruck chord. Months later, I found myself at SE Wise Women's Spring Herbal Immersion where we experienced this practice. Corinna led us to a shady area overflowing with a tall, green, proud plant. We laid under her stalks, relaxed our bodies, and as the drum played, we began to listen.

What we heard in our intuition and imagination deeply reflected what herbalists already knew about this plant. Some saw the white flowers, though not currently in bloom. Others experienced a dreamlike quality in the plant, and others sensed her grandmotherly crone-like nature.

100613-Mugwort-closer-1024x768This lovely plant was Mugwort. She is a wonderful plant to add into vinegars and has compounds that, when smelled, stimulate the imaginative centers of our brain. Historically, Mugwort was used in small pillows to deepen and clarify our dreams, or burned in a smudge stick to help us access our intuition.

Learning to communicate with plants is an important skill for any herbalist, and can be done with any plant, even those without these dream-inducing olfactory compounds. To start,

  • Simply sit with the plant, tools off to the side, and open your heart's energy to this green world - after all the color of the heart chakra is green!

  • Let the plant know your intention, whether it be to harvest for medicine or to simply develop a more intimate relationship. 

  • Then, if harvesting, ask permission.

  • Get a sense of what the plant has to say. It might be a voice. It might be a sense in your body. If you don't hear or sense anything, use other senses. Look at its potency. Look at its abundance. Use this information to make a call one way or the other.

  • If the answer is no, respect the answer, and come back another time to ask.In this way, we connect our hearts to the wisdom of the natural world and in return they open their magic to us.

In this way, we connect our hearts to the wisdom of the natural world and in return they open their magic to us.

~ By Jacquelyn Dobrinska, staff of SE Wise Women since her first Spring Immersion.

More information about Mugwort.

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SEWWnewsletterSidebarAdFlora is the dancing woman who embodies the beautiful and diverse spirit of the entire plant queendom. She speaks for Southeast Wise Women, inspiring women to deepen a connection to themselves, the Earth, and each other.

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