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19 June 2017

Plant Spirit Meditation

Written by Flora, Posted in Do It Yourself, Herbal Medicine, Local Plants

The "Language" of Plants

Suki Roth taught a Plant Spirit Communication class at the 2016 Herbal Conference. She has created these easy to follow guidelines for getting in touch with our green growing friends, and as she says "if you listen, they will ​teach y​ou​".

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Feeling Vibrational Fields

Plant communication strengthens our connection to the plants on a spirit-to-spirit level… We are literally in their energetic field, open to their vibrations, messages and effects. Each one of us has a fingerprint uniquely our own. Each plant species has a specific frequency or vibration unique to that species. Sensitive people can feel and sometimes see these vibrations. Ancient peoples used this skill of observation and receptivity to develop a greater understanding of an individual plant’s attributes.

Exercise To Enhance Sensitivity to Plant’s Energy Fields

  • Rub your hands together briskly till palms feel warm.
  • Now blow on them and feel the effect of your breath.
  • Repeat .. your hands are now more sensitized.
  • When ready slowly pass them over the tops of your plant.
  • Do this several times and observe the feelings on your hands.
  • Next try a different species nearby; a tree, a rock, a person, or a body of water.
  • What do you notice? What physical sensations do you feel?
  • If you practice this exercise frequently you will become much more sensitive to vibrational frequencies.

Use the following ​suggestions to make your experience more successful and intimate.

Meditation with a Specific Plant Tincture

The alcohol in plant extracts (tinctures) delivers the plant constituents to our blood stream upon contact with our tongue. This fast delivery allows us to start gathering impressions immediately.

  • Find a quiet spot where you will not be interrupted for 20-30 minutes.
  • Lie down and get as comfortable as you can.
  • Take a few cleansing breaths, letting go of everyday thoughts and preoccupations​.
  • Set the intention of opening up to your plant by asking it for information and thanking it for its many gifts. (A prayer of thanks is always appreciated here)
  • Take a few cleansing breaths. Now breathe in and exhale through your heart directly to the plant you are trying to establish relationship with. ​Take your next breath​ ​directly from the plant toward your heart. DO this 4-5 times until you feel a connection.
  • Take a few drops, anywhere from 7-30, of the plant you are meeting through meditation.
  • Close your eyes and open yourself to any or all sensations that start to arise.
  • Go through this slowly taking time to acknowledge each impression
  • Let these impressions, thoughts, feelings or stories flow. Move through them with the intention of remembering your experience.
  • After the allotted time, record your experience as best you can. Include everything that comes up for you.
  • If you are in a group setting share what you have learned after recording your experience and impressions.
  • Do take time to research and back up your findings.
  • Most importantly enjoy this thrilling, ​heart-opening door to your teachers.

Meditation with a Living Plant “Elder”

  • Find a quiet spot near a plant you want to meditate with, where you will not be disturbed for 30-45 minutes.
  • Sit or lie down comfortably and take a few deep breaths allowing your body to relax.
  • Slowly let go of everyday thoughts and preoccupations.
  • Introduce yourself to the plant and ask for communication. This is a good time to offer a prayer, song or gift ​to your plant elder.
  • Take a few cleansing breaths. Now breathe in and exhale through your heart directly to the plant you are trying to establish relationship with. Take your next breath directly from the plant toward your heart. DO this 4 -5 times until you feel a connection
  • Spend the next 10 minutes really observing your plant, its structure (with the eye of an artist), habitat (wet, dry, sunny, shady, hilly, flat etc.), texture, aroma, and color. Notice its relationship to its immediate environment. Observation​ is the key to developing intuition. Make notes and sketches if they help you to observe.
  • Without thinking allow sensations and feelings to arise.
  • Taste a bit of the plant--how does it feel in your mouth? How does it taste? Are there any physical sensations associated with the taste?
  • Close your eyes. Are there any images that come to you? Move ​slowly​ through this process allowing your physical senses to intuit and gather information.

Moving In Deeper

  • Now start to tune your awareness to more subtle vibrations​. Close your eyes. Allow your consciousness to move deeper into the plant. Try the previous exercise of feeling the plant’s vibration here.
  • The communication comes from sensations you feel or thoughts that pop up in your mind. Sometimes images seem to attract your attention. (i.e. a specific part of the plant...and idea it gives you)
  • Simply remember what comes up and then move on.
  • Often the images seem to make no sense until they are connected to the whole experience--DON’T try to understand, just EXPERIENCE…
  • When you feel ready, thank the plant for its sharing and record your observations.

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SEWWnewsletterSidebarAdFlora is the dancing woman who embodies the beautiful and diverse spirit of the entire plant queendom. She speaks for Southeast Wise Women, inspiring women to deepen a connection to themselves, the Earth, and each other.

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