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28 April 2017

Rich Russian Nettle Tonic

Written by Corinna Wood, Posted in Corinna's Corner, Do It Yourself, Herbal Medicine, Local Plants, Nourishing Foods

nettle tonic on squash 500xI first fell in love with nettles after discovering a lush patch near my house when I was in college studying plants and eating wild greens.

During that time, I cooked nettles in as many ways as I could imagine. One year before apprenticing with Susun Weed, I read her book, Healing Wise, and found my all-time favorite nettle recipe, Rich Russian Nettle Tonic. These days I have a constant supply since it is the peak time of year to harvest nettles.

Is nettles one of your favorites too? Have you felt her sting when reaching for her? If you have nettles near you, it takes just a few minutes (feel free to get your gloves!) to snip a basket of nettle tops. Bring them into the kitchen and then cook down—which removes the sting—for this delicious, nutritious dish . . .

2017.4 nettles cooking adjustedRich Russian Nettle Tonic

Recipe from Healing Wise, by Susun Weed

4 cups nettle tops
1 cup water
2 cloves garlic
½ cup sour cream (or yogurt)
Salt to taste

Cook fresh nettles in water, well covered, 10-15 minutes, until tender. Drain well, then blend, or run through a food processor with garlic and sour cream (or yogurt). Serve immediately over rice, noodles, toast, or vegetables.

2017.4 nettle rich russian tonic croppedOnce blended, the tonic is a glorious green color and equally nutritious. In addition to high levels of iron and other minerals, nettle is one of the highest plant sources for chlorophyll.

As we reconnect with the plants in this spring time of the “greening of the earth”, both our hearts and bodies are nourished by such potent wild foods.

We’re still eating an abundance of delicious butternut squash grown here at Earthaven last fall. One of my favorite meals these days is cooked greens inside baked squash smothered with nettle tonic and topped with feta or goat cheese, served with a side of sauerkraut.

There are so many ways to use this nettle tonic as a sauce, a spread or even a soup. Let us know your favorite!

About the Author

Corinna Wood

Corinna Wood

SEWWnewsletterSidebarAdCorinna Wood is founder and director of Southeast Wise Women and co-founder of Red Moon Herbs. With extensive training and experience in herbal medicine and spiritual psychology for women, Corinna has been practicing, teaching, and carrying on the Wise Woman Tradition for over 25 years.

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