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22 October 2018

We loved Kanuga Lake!~

Written by Corinna Wood, Posted in Corinna's Corner, Herbal Medicine, Local Plants, Nourishing Foods, Self Love, Sisterhood, Women's Wellness

Herbal Conference 2018

land 2018 KS lake tents loresI'm savoring the herbal conference weekend with the web of women gathering, connecting, and celebrating. Seeing over a thousand women moving about the land, I fell in love with Kanuga even more! As the women arrived on Friday, the sight of the land coming to life with their colorful tents popping up in the grassy field and along the lovely lake shores, brought tears to my eyes.

Women gathered in nooks everywhere, from cottage porches to laying down to soak in the sun on the grass beside the glorious lake. Maple Tree Center was truly the center of the community--some women browsing the teacher resources and scholarship raffle, while others played the piano in the center of the room!

We are grateful for the love notes pouring in from women who attended . . . As Roberta Jackson from Massachusetts wrote, "A gathering of this magnitude demonstrates the capacity of women to organize, create, orchestrate and wholly participate in life as it is presenting itself at this time! This satisfied a longing for connection that I have been searching for."

por 2018 KP unity village 634x400"Living in this women's community for a few days out of each year gives me so much hope for the future of Earth," shared Leah Stickles of Fairview, NC. "There exists such a spirit of unity and connection amongst friends and strangers, young and old and various ethnic backgrounds. We are a model for peaceful cultural exchange! Thank you SEWWHC team and attendees for helping us live the dream!"

As Melissa Matyja Newman of Georgia wrote, "This was the best weekend ever! I am so grateful that I got to attend such an amazing event with such beautiful women. It was a spiritually and emotionally positive uplifting and wholesome environment. The venue is phenomenal and I am so grateful for the women who run this event. I cannot wait to come next year and I am going to try to convince my mom and sister and niece to come with me! This event has changed my life."

land 2018 cw suflowerbannerI savor the sweetness of Rosemary’s sharing about her plant allies from Friday night. And I won't forget the sound of women's voices at the song circle in Unity Village (see right), and in intent conversation at Unity Fire. I still feel the rhythms of Ubaka’s Women United concert and the dancing beside the lake at the farewell jam to Giwayen Mata’s drumming!

Thank you, women, for a beautiful weekend and for the joy of seeing you sing alive the land at Kanuga Lake!~

Adjusting to a new home is no small feat. We couldn't have done it without you!



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Corinna Wood

Corinna Wood

SEWWnewsletterSidebarAdCorinna Wood is founder and director of Southeast Wise Women and co-founder of Red Moon Herbs. With extensive training and experience in herbal medicine and spiritual psychology for women, Corinna has been practicing, teaching, and carrying on the Wise Woman Tradition for over 25 years.

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