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02 April 2020

Weaving the Web of Women

Posted in Herbal Medicine, Self Love, Sisterhood, Women's Wellness

Some of you may be wondering about the next chapter of Southeast Wise Women. First of all, we want to update you that we now know that last fall’s 15th anniversary event was, indeed, the final Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference.

weaving the web

Moving into this next chapter, Southeast Wise Women continues the mission begun decades ago – to carry on the Wise Woman Tradition, connecting women with themselves, the earth, and one another. Director Corinna Wood has expanded her focus on teaching the Wise Woman Within. Upcoming online offerings will include heart-opening resources developed through an earth-based, woman-centered, trauma-informed lens.  

What a tapestry we weave! You have shared countless stories with us of ways the Wise Woman Tradition has rippled out into your lives and beyond...ripples on water

~ making wild salad and pesto from the weeds in your yard ~ fortifying your body with nourishing herbal infusions ~ cultivating feminism and racial equity awareness into your community ~ starting herbal businesses ~ making medicines for loved ones ~ standing up for yourself ~ mentoring girls ~ leading moon circles and rights of passage ~ loving yourself as a woman ~ sharing nourishing foods ~ gathering with sisters ~ 

The ripples continue to spread far and wide. And we continue to weave the web. We are the women. And we are the web.

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